Rebecca Carney

When I come across a product or service that is admirable I always have the best of intentions to tell them as such. However truth be told, I rarely get around to it. This time I have made sure I found a moment, as it is not every day you come across a little gem such as Climb. The program and teaching have been a fantastic grounding for my twin sons educational journeys. The facilities are second to none. The cleanliness, organisation and most importantly the staff make it feel so welcoming. Rarely was there a day when any of my children hesitated in running through the front door. But on those rare days when one of them was 'out of sorts', I was never made to feel foolish for delaying my departure. There was always a Climb person ready to scoop him up, give him a cuddle and find a smile under the tears.

Charlie Evans

How great is Climb! The teachers and support staff are amazing and I love the enthusiasm and interest that comes from each staff member. I am so pleased that my son attends Climb, the fun activities and learning that takes place are very well thought out. My son loves telling me about his day and who he has played with in the car on the ride home. I love that I can drop him at Climb and know that he is going to have a great day whilst learning new skills in a fun and playful environment where each staff member is engaged in how well each child's day goes. Thank you for making Climb such a fabulous place to be.

Rachel Thompson

The quality of care provided by Climb ELC is far beyond any I have seen elsewhere. I thought my eldest daughter was at a very good pre-school... until I experienced Climb with my youngest! Climb is top tier in all respects but I was particularly impressed with the regular communication home to the parents, in the form of weekly newsletters and even photos, as well as the standard of the program delivered to the children. A full-time staff means complete consistency, no matter which days your child attends. The environment is warm, stimulating and exciting. My daughter has thrived in her year at Climb and I couldn't imagine a better start for her. A heartfelt thank you to all the lovely teachers who have taken such amazing care of each and every child.

Sam & Gareth Bevan

Both of our children started their "school life" at Climb Early Learning Centres and we could not be happier with the care the staff have taken with them. Climb prepared our kids for taking that first step into kindy. All of the staff are caring and dedicated, and we have no hesitation in recommending the centre to others.

Dimity Franks

Attending Climb this year has been such a positive experience for my daughter. The nurturing staff have helped her grow and learn beyond my expectations. She absolutely loves it! As an educator myself I know my child has had the best possible start to her education at Climb. The program, facilities and staff are all faultless. I would highly recommend Climb ELC to anyone.