Reach your
child’s potential

Inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy, Climb is founded on a set of values that emphasise a hands-on approach to learning through many different experiences.

It’s our mission to deliver exceptional education and care to preschool aged children to prepare them for a successful transition to school, which means we:

  • Acknowledge that every child is unique and learns and develops at their own pace
  • Foster a sense of wonder and curiosity as the basis for learning and understanding
  • Promote each child’s right to feel welcome, valued, safe, respected and that they belong
  • Create a safe, secure physical environment that challenges and stimulates
  • Nurture positive, caring, consistent relationships between educators and children
  • Partner with families, encouraging open communication and inviting parental involvement
  • Honour each child’s effort to become independent, and foster their sense of achievement
  • Embrace play as a means of learning, socialising and developing life skills
  • Establish trust and listen to our children so we can understand, support and nurture them
  • Encourage children to learn how their actions impact on their world and environment
  • Value Australia’s diverse society and find meaningful ways to include the culture and mythology of our traditional owners.

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