A solid foundation
for future learning.

Our pre-kindy
program offers
engaging experiences

Climb has a holistic approach to education and care, with the aim of developing confident and capable learners – children who are ready to start school when the time comes.

Our pre-kindy program is designed by a qualified educator who has a Bachelor of Education. The program embraces the Reggio Emilia philosophy and encompasses the principles, practices and outcomes outlined in the Early Years Learning Framework and the National Quality Framework.

We’re guided by the people who matter most

Our daily activities nurture children’s creativity, curiosity, socialisation and independence. In addition to our program planning, we respond to the needs of each child, as well as families, our staff and our community.

Focused and inspired
to learn

Children love learning about interesting things, so we embed literacy, numeracy, sustainability, values and scientific investigation into the program through enjoyable and meaningful activities. Our engaging themes can include: The five senses, all about me, alphabet, colours, numbers, creepy crawlies, shapes, family, animals, friends, special days, the environment, community helpers, the sea, seasons, transport, cultures, health and hygiene, nursery rhymes, fairy tales, space, dinosaurs, pets or any number of other areas of interest – we’re led by the children.